I know my business matters to Shamrock

Mike showed up on time and got right to work-there were no hidden costs of up-sales once he came to install the equipment.  I like knowing that although I am in PA and Shamrock is in CT they are a phone call away for support of any kind for my new pc.   The fact that they can dial in and resolve just about any issue I might have makes everything easier.  Finally, with Shamrock I'm not an I.D. number to call in with, rather "hi Mike this is Ellen from...

Ellen M. Granahan EMGranahanlaw

They are patient, efficient, and effective! 

Mike Werth and his team are cost conscious and do cost-effective work.  Our costs for IT have dropped dramatically.  We get good service at a reasonable rate from knowledgeable experts.  Shamrock is fast and effective but most of all Mike and his team know what they are doing.  They don’t waste our time doing anything that isn’t needed.  They build credibility and trust by their actions. They never make us feel bad about not knowing what they know.

Virginia Mason CEO
United Way of Southeast Connecticut

It is critical to align with a technology vendor offering consistent, timely and dependable service – Shamrock has done this for over 10 years, without exception

The move to Shamrock’s hosted platform stabilized our IT environment-made it more reliable.  I expect and receive fast dependable service when problems arise.  Also, I rely on Shamrock’s ability to keep up with and apply current technologies, keeping our IT environment ahead of the curve.

Brian LaMorte Principal
Pascale & LaMorte LLC

Responsive at ALL hours. Extremely capable. Frugal. Generous.

The biggest benefits of moving to Shamrock’s computer care plan and hosted email service – peace of mind, excellence and cost-effectiveness.  It is rare to feel so cared for by a vendor, particularly when you represent as small a share of business as I do. I never feel Shamrock will leave me hanging with a crisis. They always do what’s needed to provide a lightning-fast solution that gets me working again instantly.

Laura Stotz Fieldstone Companies

The IT care plan we have with you is one of the best things we have done!

Shamrock is very proactive in making sure we put in place the best IT security and care we can.  Their integrity and responsiveness has proven itself over the many years we have worked with them.  Shamrock has been invaluable in keeping us compliant with the continuously changing rules and regulations that affect us.

Diane Heggland CEO
Merritt Federal Credit Union